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Purpose Driven Solutions (referred to as PDS by our friends and Clients) was established in 2004. Stephen and Andrew exited a Top-5 Consultancy with the goal of creating a boutique offering to respond to Clients' demand for bespoke project services

We focus on delivering a personalised approach using only highly experienced, senior team members. Our service encompasses a holistic methodology not limited simply to running efficient project processes. We deliver so much more ... such as high-value advice and guidance based on our many years of experience, sharing lessons drawn from a multiple array of Clients.

For the benefit of our Clients, we implement a "purpose-driven" project strategy that builds from a core understanding of the "why" and verification of the Client Briefthat drives all aspects of a successful project. This foundation facilitates clarity of purpose and informs reasoned design development, which leads to identifying the most appropriate procurement and delivery route.

Our primary goal is to help Clients achieve certainty of outcome - the number one requirement of every Client we've served. It's much more than just "on time / on budget".

We lead teams to collaborate effectively to give our Clients the best possible end result. When everyone pulls together in the same direction, the power of TEAM is truly unleashed.

And our attention to detail and reliance on good humour in our team interactions set us apart. We enjoy what we do and we have fun doing it.

We'd be delighted to work with you to support the successful delivery of your project.


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